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What is Compounding?

Compounded, simply means made from scratch for an individual patient. This is distinguished from a manufactured medication that is made for mass distribution.


Meet with Jerry Beamer for a Hormone Consultation at Andrews Apothecary. You can call 336-723-1679 to set a schedule or you can visit the page to know what to expect with this service.

Tips for Doctor's visitsfor Women

Most people are apprehensive about going to the doctor and that is normal.  Before your next Doctor's visit, check out our tips so you will be prepared to get the service you need.

Women:  Tips for your next visit with your doctor

Most people are apprehensive about going to the doctor and that is normal.  Back in the day, doctors spent more time with patients and really got to know them, but times have changed and the healthcare system is a bit of a mess.  Therefore, you must change with the times to get what you need.  Doctors, believe it or not, do not know everything and they will be trying to figure you out in the 5 minutes that they have with you at your appointment, so be ready to do your part by preparing a script.

This is not a social call, this is your professional visit with your healthcare provider and you have a need.   Be friends another time, this is about YOU!

Make this visit worthwhile by writing down your script and taking it with you!!


  • Be as assertive and concise as possible—DO NOT RAMBLE! Practice before your appt.
  • “I am very uncomfortable talking about my issue, but I NEED YOUR HELP!”
  • Timing: “since I reached menopause…” “the week before my period” “the day after I have relations with my husband”
  • Symptoms: be specific
  • Treatments you have tried so far, if any.
  • What you think it might be


**You may be able to send your script to your doctor before the visit if yours schedules appointments and allows questions electronically.  Even if they do, still take your script with you to stay on task!!**

IF you do not get what you need at your appointment, see another provider!  But before you do, ask a friend if they are happy with their doctor or ask us at Andrews Apothecary and we will do our best to assist.


Lab tests for women:  Here is a link that speaks to some testing that may be appropriate for you and is worthy of discussion with your doctor.  At Andrews Apothecary, we use saliva testing regularly with many of our hormone patients, so feel free to ask us about that any time.

What We Can Offer:

If you have been prescribed a compounded medication, then you should know that: The medicine was compounded specifically for you in our pharmacy to fill the prescription your prescriber wrote for you. It was specially made to meet your individual needs.

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