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What is Compounding?

Compounded, simply means made from scratch for an individual patient. This is distinguished from a manufactured medication that is made for mass distribution.


Meet with Jerry Beamer for a Hormone Consultation at Andrews Apothecary. You can call 336-723-1679 to set a schedule or you can visit the page to know what to expect with this service.

Tips for Doctor's visitsfor Women

Most people are apprehensive about going to the doctor and that is normal.  Before your next Doctor's visit, check out our tips so you will be prepared to get the service you need.

Postpartum Care

Customized Medications Solve Problems for Mothers and Babies


All purpose nipple ointment” APNO is available by prescription only and contains several ingredients. It is often prescribed when the new mom has sore, cracked nipples as she attempts to breastfeed her new bundle of joy.

Diaper Rash (Dermatitis)

We have an awesome base that can be purchased without prescription! Ask us about Pracasil. We have a document that we can email you as well, just ask—it has the science and pictures as well.

Pediatric Dosage Forms

We are problem solvers, so if you are having problems getting medication into your child, just call and speak with one of our pharmacists. We will do our best to work with you and your child’s doctor to help.

Please contact us for more information.

What We Can Offer:

If you have been prescribed a compounded medication, then you should know that: The medicine was compounded specifically for you in our pharmacy to fill the prescription your prescriber wrote for you. It was specially made to meet your individual needs.

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