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What is Compounding?

Compounded, simply means made from scratch for an individual patient. This is distinguished from a manufactured medication that is made for mass distribution.


Meet with Jerry Beamer for a Hormone Consultation at Andrews Apothecary. You can call 336-723-1679 to set a schedule or you can visit the page to know what to expect with this service.

Tips for Doctor's visitsfor Women

Most people are apprehensive about going to the doctor and that is normal.  Before your next Doctor's visit, check out our tips so you will be prepared to get the service you need.

Thyroid Deficiency

Your thyroid controls your metabolism and in basic terms, your metabolism is how many calories you burn sitting still. Since calories are a measure of heat, your body temperature (oral) should be right at 98.6 degrees F if you are burning the proper number of calories. When you burn less calories sitting still, your body temp will tend to be less. Oftentimes, we see patients with 96.__ or 97.___degrees. Think about that…. you are burning less calories, but you are eating the same and exercising the same—–that would usually add up to some extra pounds! The typical patient with hypothyroidism (low thyroid) will present with extra weight, tiredness, low libido, dry hair, dry skin, brittle nails…—if most of these match you and your body temp runs low, give us a call and we can make some suggestions to bring up at your next visit with your doctor. There are specific labs that you will want to request—nothing complicated, just a deeper dive into what might be going on with your body. The good news is that if it is your thyroid, it is usually fixed pretty easily!

What We Can Offer:

If you have been prescribed a compounded medication, then you should know that: The medicine was compounded specifically for you in our pharmacy to fill the prescription your prescriber wrote for you. It was specially made to meet your individual needs.

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