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What is Compounding?

Compounded, simply means made from scratch for an individual patient. This is distinguished from a manufactured medication that is made for mass distribution.


Meet with Jerry Beamer for a Hormone Consultation at Andrews Apothecary. You can call 336-723-1679 to set a schedule or you can visit the page to know what to expect with this service.

Tips for Doctor's visitsfor Women

Most people are apprehensive about going to the doctor and that is normal.  Before your next Doctor's visit, check out our tips so you will be prepared to get the service you need.

Hormone Consultations

client consultationYour hormone consultations with Jerry Beamer is $75.  There is a money back guarantee that you will be satisfied with the information that you receive during the consult.  Here is what is included in your personal evaluation:

  • a questionnaire that gives us insight into your situation
  • once Jerry receives your completed questionnaire, he will review the information and contact you about getting together by phone (usually) or in person at your convenience for your evaluation.
  • a detailed discussion of what your answers on the questionnaire tell us
  • your life stage will be a topic and we will talk about why you probably feel like you do
  • stress is a factor and you will gain insight into how and why and steps you can take to help
  • thyroid function is important in life and can be a problem and we will talk about this
  • specific options for you will be discussed
  • in the end, Jerry will contact your prescriber for approval of a hormone regimen that has been designed for you. You will be asked to gain approval from your prescriber for Jerry to fax his recommendation (this involves your calling their office and explaining that you are interested in using Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement and that you have spoken with Jerry Beamer, compounding pharmacist, about this.  You are asking for permission for Jerry to fax over a recommendation.  Of course if you were referred to Jerry, this step will not be needed.
  • upon approval by your prescriber, we will custom blend your formulation and contact you.  From there, you will have the option of picking up or having us ship to you.
  • Jerry and his staff will be available to you along the way as we move towards hormonal harmony as our goal.

Click here and let us know that you are interested in a hormone consultation and we will guide you thru the process.

What We Can Offer:

If you have been prescribed a compounded medication, then you should know that: The medicine was compounded specifically for you in our pharmacy to fill the prescription your prescriber wrote for you. It was specially made to meet your individual needs.

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